Album: "five" (2012)

Song: into the see

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Yampapaya tribe is the musical group created by singer song writer David james Hoffman. The tribe is multi-ethnic and the music is to, reflecting life experience around the globe . Born in Japan and having lived in Hawaii, Micronesia, California, Hongkong, Beijing, Austria and Italy David believes that music is truly an international language with no frontiers and it is this philosophy that is at the heart of the Yampapaya tribe.

Over the years the band's style has been influenced by music and rhythms from the African continent in particular the Congo. Davids collaborations with many artists from the congo over the years has given birth to a style rich with Soukous and Mutwashi from the congo. the band has also worked with many musicians from other parts of Africa such as Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory coast, Togo and Angola expanding the african influence in the bands music.

The music and the live shows are upbeat. Dancing rhythmic melodic soukous guitar with tribal percussion afro funk drums and bass with a little reggae and island style getting people on there feet and dancing to a music you cant sit still to . Musicians from Senegal, Congo, Italy, USA and Angola interacting on stage in a great live performance.

Recently the tribe have included central african dancers from Angola to the performances. Sensual african dances like mutwashi and soukous reflecting a culture of movement, rhythm and sensuality. A fantastic troupe of dancers headed by Cristina de Melo communicating in dance the true heart of africa.

In 2012 David and the Yampapaya tribe will be very active with live shows planed around Europe, finishing up their new album "migration Highway" due out this spring and continuing the creative flow with projects like Congofornia , Beatmachine and Aloha Music.